From February 9 to 12, 2023, the Moscow Dive Show 2023 is taking place at the Gostiny Dvor exhibition complex in Moscow – the largest exhibition dedicated to underwater and water sports and tourism, underwater photography, diving. This year, a large-scale event brought together 225 companies from 17 countries on one platform. The agenda includes meetings with expedition participants, famous divers, thematic lectures and presentations, round tables and film screenings, contests and prize draws. The underwater direction is represented by freediving, snorkeling, swimming and underwater photography, water – yachting, surfing, catamarans and kayaks.

One of the most important topics during the opening of the Moscow Dive Show 2023 was the discussion of the importance of preserving unique water bodies, including in specially protected natural areas.

"For many protected areas, the protection of unique water bodies is one of the priorities. The Astrakhan Nature Reserve protects the biological diversity of the Volga River Delta. Under the protection of the national park "Curonian Spit" is the largest sandy embankment in the world, located on the Baltic Sea. Lake Baikal is surrounded by a whole network of specially protected natural areas. Each of these territories is unique and carries a huge potential associated, among other things, with the development of socially responsible ecological tourism," said Daria Matsuk, head of the Roszapovedcenter of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia.

As part of the Moscow Dive Show program, representatives of nature reserves and national parks of the country spoke about their work on the development of underwater ecological tourism.

The Altai Nature Reserve in the Altai Republic is a pioneer in the development of diving in protected areas. Since 2021, an underwater ecological trail has been successfully operating in the protected area – divers are attracted by clean water, great depths, interesting terrain: underwater canyons, sheer walls, scree of giant boulders, the possibility of observing and photographing the inhabitants of the underwater world. The underwater research station "Through the Looking Glass" is located on Lake Teletskoye, which practically does not freeze in winter, which allows you to dive all year round. Visitors move strictly along the route, having been instructed and observing the necessary safety precautions, and beginners are necessarily accompanied by an instructor. On the trail you can see a sunken pier for ships, a floating weather station and other objects.

"We were one of the first to not only support, but also actively develop diving as a type of eco-tourism. Our dive station offers training in recreational and technical diving, programs for divers of any level of training. Diving has a minimal recreational load on the environment: divers often do not just dive for entertainment purposes, but help in research and cleaning of reservoirs and, of course, are well aware of the importance of protecting nature. For example, in order to equip our underwater ecotrope, we raised some sunken objects from the bottom of Lake Teletskoye, eliminating the negative environmental impact on the water body. This year we are presenting at the Moscow Dive Show a film by the reserve's divers Tatiana Klimenko and Roman Vorobyov "Diving into Darkness", in which the authors show what the dark waters of one of the deepest lakes in the country hide," said Igor Kalmykov, director of the Altai Reserve.

The direction of underwater ecotourism is also planned to develop the Baikal Protected area, the Utrish Nature Reserve, the Far Eastern territories – the Shantar Islands National Park and the Far Eastern Marine Reserve.

"In addition, we are developing cruise tourism affecting specially protected natural areas – diving and snorkeling are included in the programs of cruise ship routes entering the waters of nature reserves and national parks. For example, next summer, the passengers of the cruise ship Professor Khromov, cruising in the Far East, will be accompanied by experienced divers who will present the underwater world of the Sea of Okhotsk, the Sea of Japan, and the Pacific Ocean to the guests," Daria Matsuk summed up.

The Moscow Dive Show will last until February 12.
Author: Press Service of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia

Опубликовано: 10 February 2023