Issues of state policy in the field of water resources and prospects for attracting investment in the industry were discussed by experts on World Water Day.

The possibilities of improving the work to improve the aquatic ecosystem of Russia and the mechanisms for the development of the "blue" economy were discussed during a round table organized by the Ecumene Club with the support of the United Nations. The event was attended by Roman Minukhin, Director of the Department of State Policy and Regulation in the field of Water Resources of the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation, Ilya Razbash, Director of the VHK Development Center, Natalia Davydova, Director of the Institute for Consulting Environmental Projects, ambassador of the action "Water of Russia", actress and TV presenter Yulia Mikhalkova, as well as representatives of the public and the scientific community.  

It should be noted that Russia ranks second in the world in terms of fresh water reserves and a number of events in the country are dedicated to the preservation of this most important resource of mankind. The problem of water quality is in the focus of attention of the federal projects "Preservation of Lake Baikal", "Improvement of the Volga" and "Preservation of unique water bodies" of the national project "Ecology".

"We are building sewage treatment plants, because our main pollutants enter the water from the housing and communal services sector and from industrial enterprises. This is a global key direction. We carry out measures to clean reservoirs, rivers, lakes from garbage and silt so that our reservoirs "breathe". Siltation adversely affects both the quality of water and the biological resources in it, which accordingly affects the quality of life of the population. I would like to note and congratulate on the Water Day the volunteers of the action "Water of Russia", who annually come to the shores of reservoirs, help us, help nature cope with the load that could negatively affect water bodies," Roman Minukhin said about the state policy in the field of water resources.

"Think about it, there are 40 thousand kilometers of water border in our country. Therefore, it is necessary to develop water relations with our partners. Our delegation at the UN conference is headed by the head of Rosvodresurs Dmitry Kirillov. Among our participants are representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and Roshydromet. We will defend the interests of Russia, we will talk about the importance of an integrated approach to the regulation of resources. Our water resources are a global reserve that must be protected and used rationally, and not wasted," Ilya Razbash spoke via video link live from the USA.

By the way, the experience of the "Water of Russia" campaign will be carefully considered by UN experts. Now it will be adopted by other countries.

Another important topic for discussion was the problem of microplastics. Experts noted that the fight against this type of pollution is just beginning in Russia and highly appreciated the UN plans to adopt documents on the non-proliferation of polymers in the near future.

And while the state, business and scientists are looking for solutions to complex problems, everyone can follow the example of the ambassador of the action "Water of Russia" Yulia Mikhalkova and personally take part. To do this, just go to the shore with a garbage bag.

Source: Press Service of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia

Опубликовано: 23 March 2023