President of the Russian Federation held a meeting on spring floods and wildfire hazard season

On April 27, in his Novo-Ogaryovo residence, Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation, held a meeting via videoconference on the situation with floods and wildfires in the country's regions. The meeting was attended by Dmitry Kobylkin, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation.

The heads of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation informed the President on the measures implemented in the forest lands under delegated authority and requested to resolve the issue of providing additional budget allocations for the maintenance of regional wildfire suppression brigades and the procurement of special vehicles and equipment.

As stated by Alexander Osipov, Governor of the Trans-Baikal Territory, in 2019 the support of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment enabled the region to update the regional firefighting vehicle fleet and purchase 130 pieces of firefighting machinery and equipment. “This helps us successfully tackle the wildfires today,” he pointed out.

The need to implement comprehensive measures to prevent the spread of wildfires during the May holidays, take preventive action among the population, and reinforce the wildfire watch was also stated on April 24, during the meeting of the Federal Wildfire Coordination Center. Special instructions were issued to the regional forestry agencies of the Novosibirsk Region, the Omsk Region, the Trans-Baikal Territory, and the Krasnoyarsk Territory, as well as the Republic of Khakassia.

The areas of the highest forest fire hazard lie in the southern part of the Irkutsk Region, the Republic of Buryatia, the Tyva Republic, the Republic of Khakassia, the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Kemerovo Region, and the Novosibirsk Region.

Regional forestry agencies of the Novosibirsk Region, the Omsk Region, the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Trans-Baikal Territory, the Republic of Khakassia were instructed to ensure the use of firefighting forces and equipment during firefighting operations in accordance with fire protection master plans, to reinforce the wildfire hazard monitoring in forests and adjacent territories.


Опубликовано: 27 April 2020