Main objectives of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Russia for 2020

Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Dmitry Kobylkin reappointed for this position in the process of the renewal of the Government Cabinet of the Russian Federation on January 21 thanked the colleagues and like-minded people from the former Cabinet of Ministers for the fruitful cooperation and expressed the readiness to maximally justify the confidence expressed by way of his reappointment for the position of the Minister.

Answering the questions of the journalists on the future priorities in the work of the Ministry team in 2020, D. Kobylkin has commented:

- We will solve the problems related to the liquidation of cumulative damage at Baikalsk Pulp and Paper Mill on Lake Baikal in 2020.

- We will continue to implement the measures intended to preserve and rehabilitate the bodies of water within the framework of the federal projects Preservation of Unique Bodies of Water, Conservation of Lake Baikal, and Volga Rehabilitation, their number and territorial coverage will be expanded in some directions.

Full text of the piece of news:

Опубликовано: 22 January 2020