National Park “Chikoy” has turned 5 years

“Chikoy” National Park (Trans-Baikal Territory) celebrates its first anniversary — 5 years. The SPNR was created on February 28, 2014 to protect cedar forests and South Siberian taiga with elements of mountain steppes and alpine meadows in the upper reaches of the Chikoy River (Lake Baikal basin).

To mark its anniversary, the National Park declared the Doors Open Day, which includes “Lesson about reservation”, museum tour, an exhibition of technical and inspection equipment, environmental games, quests, etc.

The area of the "Chikoy" National Park is 666,467.7 hectares. Different species of animals and birds listed in the Red Book of Russia live on its territory, such as manul cat, black stork, fish hawk, golden eagle, white-tailed eagle, saker falcon, peregrine falcon, bustard and others.

National Park pays a lot of attention to the development of ecological tourism. Such sights as the waterfall on the Melnicnaia River, Barun-Shabartuy Mountain - the highest point of Southern Trans-Baikal, which you can climb, as well as Lake Shebetui accessible for fishing are very popular with visitors.

On the eve of the first anniversary, the National Park supported the initiative “Save the planet - hand over the battery”, within which 120 kg of used batteries were sent to the hazardous waste processing plant.

Source: Press service of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment of the Russian Federation

Опубликовано: 28 February 2019