Specially Protected Natural Reservations implement programs aimed at preservation of avian

On February 19, 1983, the Academy of Sciences of the USSR created the All-Union Ornithological Society, which in 1992 was renamed into the Menzbirov Ornithological Society after the founder of Russian ornithological science, academician M.A. Menzbir.

Ornithologists working in protected reservations annually conduct surveys of the birds’ population, monitor the status of the rare species populations, carry out biotechnical measures to attract them to the nesting sites, conduct phenological observations, participate in environmental educational initiatives and campaigns.

On February 18, employees of the “Baikalskaia” bird ringing station of the Baikal Reserve (Republic of Buryatia) announced the recruitment of volunteers for the 2019 field season, which will last from April to October. Those who have already worked with birds, know how to survive in the field, are not prone to conflict and love nature are invited to participate in the birds ringing. Applications are accepted at .

Опубликовано: 19 February 2019