Relict Olkhon trees need rescue from insect pests

Following the request of local residents, forest pathologists conducted a survey of larch forest plantations in the Olkhon forestry. The main reason for the weakening of forests plantations is the high recreational load on forests, leading to a significant weakening of forest stands, making them susceptible to the negative environmental effects, including infestation by harmful insects.

"Any treatment using biological or chemical products is strictly prohibited in the Central Ecological Zone of Lake Baikal. And we can do nothing but just watch, "said Natalia Sumina, deputy director of the Office of FGBU (Federal State Budgetary Institution) Roslesozashchita.

Given the current situation, representatives of the regional People’s Front sent a letter to Rosleskhoz requesting that measures be taken to save the trees.


Опубликовано: 08 August 2018