Second Baikal International Environmental Water Forum

On 20-21 September, 2018, the city of Irkutsk will host the Second Baikal International Environmental Water Forum. The motto of the event is: "Baikal is the source of life!".

The forum will become an effective platform for dialogue between the authorities, business and society in addressing the environmental problems of the Lake Baikal water resources.

The organizers of the Forum invite the heads and representatives of administrations of the constituent territories of the Russian Federation, representatives of federal and regional governmental agencies, environmental, medical, scientific and public organizations, including the international environmental organisations working in the area of water bodies (UNESCO, UNEP, IWRA, ICID, WHO, HABITAT, etc.), heads of Russian and foreign business structures, Russian and foreign experts.
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In addition to the business and exhibition programs, the Forum will include the following events:

  • - International competition for the selection of best "Baikal – the source of life" solutions and projects, where young scientists and students can take part;
  • - Competition of educational projects in the framework of "ECO-GENERATION" program (Ecology. Culture. Education).

Source: TASS

Опубликовано: 26 June 2018