The Federal Target Programme Budget for the Baikal Protection Could Shrink

The budget of the Federal target program “Protection of the Baikal lake and socio-economic development of the Baikal natural territory” may be adjusted downwards by 2.5 billion roubles for 2017-2020 to 30 billion 276.2 million roubles.

“The financial parameters of the Programme for the period of 2017-2020 are reduced: the Federal budget funds are reduced by 1,930.4 million roubles; the budget funds of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation are reduced by 71.4 million roubles; the amounts of extrabudgetary resources are reduced by 487 million roubles”, - as announced in the draft amendments of the Ministry of Natural Resources to the Federal special purpose program posted on the draft Federal regulations’ website.

Source: TASS

Опубликовано: 10 May 2018