Hollywood star Uma Thurman’s father will take a dip in the sacred waters of Lake Baikal

The actress Uma Thurman’s father, Robert Thurman, came to attend the Buddhism in a Changing World conference in Ulan-Ude and said he would like to swim in the cool waters of Lake Baikal, which he holds in high regard.

Robert feels a connection to Buryatia through his spiritual mentor, a pupil of the remarkable lama Agvan Dorjieyev, who was born in the republic. Therefore, Robert Thurman, a friend of the 14th Dalai-Lama, considers the Buryat man his “spiritual gradfather” and Buryatia one of the centers of Buddhism.

For Robert, Baikal is a sacred lake, and he cannot miss the opportunity to take a dip in it. Right now Baikal is still too cold for swimming, but Mr. Thurman’s intention is fixed. “I’m going to take a dive and then come right out,” he said to the organizers.

Mr. Thurman is 73 years old, head of the Department of Religon at Columbia University. He became a Tibetian monk when he was 24, shares Buryatia’s Buddhist values and will on this trip present to his Buddhist colleagues his new book “Why the Dalai Lama Matters.” The professor will then examine Buryat scholars’ translation of Buddhist sacred texts Kangyur and Tengyur to Russian.

Опубликовано: 29 May 2014