Protected lands

Protected natural areas

 Protected natural areas (PNA) within the Baikal Natural Preserve Territory (BNPT) are represented by five nature reserves, three national parks, 23 wildlife sanctuaries, 128 natural landmarks, one botanical garden, numerous health and recreation localities and resorts. Botanical garden, with an area of 27.1 hectares, is located in Irkutsk, under the jurisdiction of Irkutsk State University. There are five recreational areas within the BNPT: Baikalsky Priboy-Kultushnaya and Lemasovo in Kabansky district, Severo-Baikalskaya in the Severobaikalsky district, Barguzin Coast in the Barguzinsky district, and Pike Lake in the Selenginsky district. These recreational areas are located in the Republic of Buryatia and are under the jurisdiction of the respective municipal administrations.

PNA’s occupy 39,700 square kilometers, or 10% of the total area of Baikal Natural Preserve Territory (BNPT). Within the BNPT area and Lake Baikal global natural heritage zone, PNA’s occupy 25,600 km2 (29% of the BNPT area). Federal State Budgetary Institution “United Direction of Barguzin State Natural Biosphere Sanctuary and Trans-Baikal National Park” (FSBI “Podlemorye Sanctuary”) was established on May 18, 2012, following decree No.743 of the Ministry of Nature of September 14, 2011.

By Decree No.71 of the Ministry of Nature of March 26, 2009, FSBI “Barguzin State Sanctuary” provides protection functions for the “Frolihinsky” Federal Nature Reserve and activities to maintain biodiversity and maintain the natural state of the protected natural habitats and sites within the reserve area. After reorganization, these functions were transferred to FSBI “Podlemorye Sanctuary”.

In 2012, Podlemorye Sanctuary operated in accordance with its objectives in the following areas: preserving natural habitats and sites, scientific research, environmental education, creating conditions and organizing recreational and tourist activity.

List and description of protected areas on the BNT
title PA PA area , ha
( in BNT , ha)
Ecol . BPT zone
State natural reserves
Baikal -Lena 659919 CEZ
Baikal  167871 CEZ
Barguzinsky 366873
[including waters  15000]
Dzherginsky  238088  BEZ
Сохондинский 210988
National Parks
Transbaikalia 269002
[including waters  37000]
Baikal 417297 CEZ
Tunkinsky  1183662
Preserves federal
Altacheysky 78374 BEZ
Burkalsky 195700 BEZ
Krasny Yar 49120 Ezawa
Frolikhinsky 109200 CEZ
Kabansky  12255 CEZ
Regional sanctuaries
Angirsky 40380 BEZ
Atsinsky  64500 BEZ
Borgoyskoy 42180 BEZ
Butungarsky 73500 BEZ
Upper Angara 12290 CEZ
Ivano- Arahleysky 210000 BEZ
Irkut 29635 Ezawa
Kizhinginsky 40070 BEZ
Kochergatsky 12428 CEZ
Magdun 77828 Ezawa
Pribaikalskiy  73170 CEZ
Snezhinskiy 238480 CEZ
Tugnuisky 39360 BEZ
Tukolon 109648 Ezawa
Uzkolugsky 15330 BEZ
Ulyunsky 18350 BEZ
Hudaksky 50000 BEZ
Enheluksky  14570 CEZ
The total area of protected areas 5215830
The total area of protected areas within the BPT 3972751
including Baikal water area included in OOPTT 52000